Thursday, 16 June 2011

THQ - Warhammer 40k Kill Team

Released July 2011 .
My duties on this project included -

Creating Environment Art from provided concept images.
Prototyping and implementing Lighting System using Mental Ray.
Creating Havok animations.
Creating Havok destroyable objects.
Creating Particle systems.
Gameplay scripting.
Creating Benchmark assets/lighting for outsourcing companies.
Integrating outsourcing assets into game.

Below - From concept to game..

Art supplied by concept team
My completed 3ds Max Model
Final model in game
Walkway I created to help define the visual style for part of the game.
Tileable Ork corridor- in game screenshot
Tileable Ork corridor - 3ds max screenshot

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Game Environment - 3dsMax/Zbrush/Mudbox/Photoshop/Mental Ray

Washington Buildings

Created for a cancelled project at Juice/THQ. 3dsMax/Photoshop.
Rendered with Mental Ray.


Low Poly Train...

A low poly train model I created for a another project...
3ds Max/Photoshop.

Terrain Painting

A small section of a track I created and painted using the inhouse editor..
Street furniture was modelled and added by a team mate...

MailBin - PhotoTextures vs Painted Textures...

Playing  around with a Photo real style and non Photoreal more stylized approach....
Top image shows the low poly model - highpoly model (used for Normal Map Creation)- Textured Normal mapped Low Poly Model version.
Below - another model for fun with a handpainted texture--

Red Faction : Battlegrounds


My duties on this project included -
Vehicle Optimisation, Terrain Painting.
 Tools - 3ds Max, Photoshop, inhouse tools.


T7 - 3ds Max/Photoshop/CrazyBump